Purveyors of quality pasture raised pork and free range chickens


Since 2007, we have been offering humanely raised, antibiotic + hormone free chickens, eggs and pork, all raised on a grass-based diet.

They are truly pasture raised and are able to run free, dig, and root at will wherever they please.

Our customers agree that the taste and quality is far and above that which you can buy at your local supermarket, and we are sure you will agree..



We are committed to humane, transparent farming based on grass-based agriculture

We enjoy having animals raised outside, on grass, that are happy and healthy with room to roam. They are a joy to watch, and we feel good knowing we are giving them room to engage in normal characteristic behaviours.

We want our family only to eat meat that we know where and how it is produced and we want to make that available to others. And of course, we want to ensure it is the very best quality of meat too.

We want to have 100% transparency between producer (us) and consumer (you).

The whole system works. Animals are self harvesting and spreading their own manure and urine enhancing the quality of the soil year after year after year, while growing up happy and healthy, with room to exhibit natural animal behaviour.

The taste! Animals that have access to fresh grass on a daily basis, along with sunlight and exercise, taste and look dramatically different than the same product from a grocery store – it’s amazing! Once you have tasted an animal that has been raised on grass, there is simply no comparison in quality. And you don’t have to be a food connoisseur to tell the difference.


Individual Cuts


Peameal Back Bacon


~1 lb, rolled in cornmeal, sliced
Smoked Bacon


~1 lb (one of my favourites) *Limited quantities available


Pork Loin Chops


2 to a package, average 1.5 lbs
Smoked Pork Loin Chops


2 to a package, average 1.5 lbs




1/2 lb vacuum sealed pepperettes. Available in mild, medium, hot or honey garlic
Spare Ribs


Average 3-4 lbs


Smoked Ham


~3-4 lbs each
Schnitzel (breaded)


Fast Fry Option


Garlic Pork Sausage


~1 lb package of 4 large links. No fillers, gluten friendly
Honey Garlic Pork Sausage


~1 lb package of 4 large links. *Contains wheat
Hot Italian Pork Sausage


~1 lb package of 4 large links. No fillers, gluten friendly
Salt & Pepper Sausage


~1 lb package of 4 large links. No fillers, gluten friendly
Smoked Sausage


Divided into 4 links, roughly 1.25 lbs per package. No fillers, gluten friendly
Ground Pork


Comes in 1 lb packages


Shoulder Roasts


~3 lbs bone-in. Great for pulled pork!
Price list in PDF format
Price list in PDF format


Pork is sold at $4.20/lb for whole orders and $4.50/lb for half orders based on hanging weight.

Customers can expect whole pigs to be approximately 200-220 lbs at hanging weight



Our animals do not receive any antibiotics or added hormones, but rest assured, they are well cared for. The key farming practice with our animals is they are outside the majority of their lives. There are 3 reasons for this: animal health and quality of life, soil health, and flavour enhanced animal products.


Animals that live outside in grassed areas are happier because they are able to use behavior characteristics specific to each animal. Chickens love to forage for bugs and scratch in grass looking for bugs and worms and pigs love to root. When these animals are enabled to carry out these traits, happy, healthy, stress free animals result.


Grass and soil health is improved by animal impact. The pig pasture and most of the chicken houses are built on skids and are easily moved with our tractor. Portable electric fence is used to keep the animals where they are needed. This allows us to move the pigs and chickens when required. Pigs root the soil and their hooves create indents or cups in the soil enhancing moisture absorption and retention. The manure and urine left by the animals is spread as the animals forage in the grass thereby spreading their natural fertilizer for free – no need for tractors or manure spreaders.


Finally, having animals outside on a primarily grass diet along with the addition of absorbing Vitamin D from the sun creates a different (and better) product. The eggs from our hens have a large, firm golden yolk that will not break easily and have that distinct egg taste and texture that eggs from the grocery store lack. The pork from our pigs is darker in colour and has more inner muscular fat – referred to as marbling. The marbling in meat is what creates the flavour – and our pork has a very distinct, juicy, wholesome flavour.

Pigs eating clover

First day on grass




New Dundee